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National Car Rental is an American rental car agency based in Clayton, Missouri, United States. National is owned by Enterprise Holdings, along with other agencies including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Alamo Rent a Car.

National Car Rental customer service is awful and won't offer solutions, claims Jeffery on

"I call to get road service due to a mechanical issue, road service says, "Ok, we booked you a replacement car, go to the location and pick up." I go to the location, no record of me, and to make it worse, no cars. I call road service back, they say, "Ok checking" and then hang up before finishing the where to go next, and no callback. I call back for the 3rd time, "Sorry everyone is closed, maybe you can fix it yourself." It's a good thing the car was still drivable, they offered no solutions and pretty much didn't seem to care... This will be my last rental with NATIONAL, to just say, "Sorry - we can't help you" is not acceptable and I will also be sure to spread the word to all 25,000 co-workers. "BEWARE RENTING FROM NATIONAL."


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Current Employee - Car Rental Agent says

"Commission structure, Management Structure, Work life balance."

Current Employee - Rental Agent says

"Work twice as hard as Enterprise employees, doing almost 3 times as many rentals at the airport. We are working all three brands Alamo and National and Enterprise but Enterprise employees only do themselves. National agents dont get paid enough, and we watch as Enterprise employees get raises every 6 months. We will never be able to move up for this company because there is nothing to move up to. Have been working here for over 10 years and have gotten a 25 cent raise. We are here to pad Enterprise managers pockets. Crappy way to treat hard working employees. Very sad."

Current Employee - Customer Service Agent says

"I've been working quietly with some of the very unpleasant and coercive individuals I ever encountered in my entire lifetime. I have personally witnessed one of the most bizarre and deliberate slander case against a great customer, an executive for a major airlines, and undoubtedly one of our preferred clients at the time if not the best. Just such a nice guy! Unfortunately, some fraudulent and disgruntled colleagues tried to frame him and take advantage of his natural generosity. A delusional, an extremely deceitful agent and ex-con on our team was the problem and a true pain you know where. This absolute vile character managed to mislead many around, including other too hateful agents, super jealous supervisor as well as the blind and pathetic management. It was so awful to see or to comprehend. Pure evil at workplace and for the business, folks! I can't say enough as there is more to the story that may end up now in court... The juniors hired here are coming from different backgrounds and funny enough seem to see themselves are 'geniuses' with something to prove, as every new college graduates or even dropped outs as a matter of fact. Pitiful! Anyway, there is some downtimes from time to time. But then, pretty much busy at once and can be over demanding with no much help otherwise. The paycheck is relatively miserable and the commission painfully random. From the counter, you may find yourself at times washing cars in extreme weather conditions, outdoors... I can't wait any longer to leave. Sad experience, really!"

Former Employee - Customer Service Agent says

"Impossible to achieve bonuses."

Current Employee - Customer Service Agent says

"Now, you know how generally you are when getting that new job? It was no exception for me too. But now my wife hates me and I hate myself for working here particularly at this location. Despite the hard work like back in the plantation, you are stuck and unless you behave at times like a bully, even your worked hours and accessories are not properly paid. The paycheck itself is proportionally miserable. The colleagues are phonies and unreliable as team members. And I came to see and hear from my own eyes and ears, here, some of the most genetically liars working with me... Disgusting!"

Current Employee - Sales Agent - Counter says

"Now I wish I never came to work here after all, what a waste of time and too much energy. Incentives are not rewarded properly or not at all. Hard to make good commission despite your hard work you put in everyday. During some heavy rushing hours, senior agents can just have fun around while you struggle alone on the counter. Very frustrating and you make a miserable check beneath it all. I'm sorry but slavery is the thing of the past. A word about management, oh my God! Many of these folks don't even know what there are doing. Some just can't master the program software program we use, hilarious. They careless with no experience, complaisant, racist and phony. I've seen and lived some situations where the management was stuck, unable to resolve issues properly. It's really painful I can't even say more than that. All that's left for me around this location and this type of job with no future is to quit."

Current Employee - Exit Booth Agent says

"The management structure is poor. The managers do not need to have worked the jobs they are managing over, only have to have a college degree with no specification. This means that someone who got a degree in underwater basket weaving is qualified to manage over you simply because they have a degree. The pay structure is also disorganized and you have to check your paystubs to ensure you are getting paid the correct rate and hours. You can bonus, but you may never see it reflected in your checks. They have been working on this since before I started. There are also no requirements for breaks in the company, so depending on location, you may work your 10 hour shift without a designated break. Most people just take control and attempt to take breaks during down time. The focus is on sales and service scores, which is difficult to achieve when the there is a lack of cars. There is little focus on employee satisfaction."

Current Employee - Return Agent says

"Although it's an easy job, it is very boring and not rewarding. Also, the scheduling is simply unfair."


"No advancement, your good hard work is not rewarded nor appreciated, people who are lesser type workers seem to do better, overall terrible company to work for, it's good for a paycheck that's it"

Senior Contract Developer (Former Employee) says

"Management will lie about the rewards for goals Savannah ga location...they will run out of cars or not order enough cars for location this happens to affect commissions...they change commission structure way to real lunch breaksMeeting on your off day"

Car Detailer (Current Employee) says

"Very stressful job workplace and it was better before they hired goons off the street to manage. the politics does bother people and the new managers don't seem to have much experience.Multi taskingmanagers too young"

Rental Agent (Former Employee) says

"The manager was horrible. She treated everyone horribly and threated us with our jobs if we didn't do what she wanted. She didn't know how to work the counter."

Return agent (Former Employee) says

"working for this job is the lowest experience one can do . working with low signals for hand held device checking hundreds of care alone or with a team mate , even having the staff in side sitting and chatting while bringing out keys when you have a 10 car line up. the uniform is dated and sad looking while its sister company has causal work personal clothes. being a return agent , is a joke job it is for the lazy mangers that don't want to hard work so they made up this job tittle . i would NOT recommend this job for the winter months . but summer is better in short * doing all the mangers work on car returns that they get bonus for unmissed damage ( they sit in side ) you site in company car -30 * treated less then because of tittle return agent *working in cold temp and hot temp in dated uniform * the good part discount on car rental and gas bonus from returnsdiscount on rental and gas bonusdated uniform, bad work enivorment"

Rental Agent (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work, stressful and bad ownership. Gets treated horribly and under appreciated. Underpaid. Ownership is so rude and mean to employees. Would never recommend this company.Benefits cover dental and medicOverall everything is bad about this place."

Sales and greeting associate (Former Employee) says

"All managers aren't on the same page and have their own rules. There was no computer training. They occasionally ran out of cars for customers. Car cleaners could not keep up with the demand of rentals. Reservations were not protected which led to irate customers. Low pay for the amount of money the company was making. Poor uniform standards for Florida weather."

Detailer (Current Employee) says

"A day at work I do many different things I clean cars which includes vacuuming the inside wiping any dirt or dust of interior. Washing the outside. I also do some rentals at our airport kiosk I help up front with phone calls when I can I pick up customers if needed"

Detailer (Former Employee) says

"Very restricted occupation. The managers demonstrated micromanagement and employees were being watches and listened to at all times. Very little motivation to work after endless hours of cleaning vehicles over and over."

Rental Agent (Former Employee) says

"Worked to death, horrible pay. No work life balance at all. Are you ok working 12 hours a day? are you ok making $13 an hour?? Are you ok with pay plan bonuses you can never hit?being fed a pipe dreamrealizing that dream does not exist"

Rental Manager (Former Employee) says

"My rating is based on my experiences with the previous owner. He sold the business a few years ago and I have heard nothing but great things about working for National under the new ownership."

Service Agent. (Former Employee) says

"Log all vehicles on Production Sheet(unit nbr,‭ ‬car class‭) Evaluate and inspect used rental cars and trucks for dents, scratches,‭ ‬cracked or chipped windshields. Vacuum and clean windows,‭ ‬check tire pressure,‭ ‬oil,‭ ‬coolant. Wash outside of vehicles and also doorjams. Shuttle vehicles from and to different locations of the airport."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"hours are not good. pay is not good and staff is not great. not very enjoyable place to work. Its fine for a job to get expereince, but definitley where you want to retire."

Rental Agent (Current Employee) says

"The job of rental agent at National Car Rental is a fairly easy one. There are many days spent waiting around for customers to come. Close supervisors are very helpful and personable, but upper management is very distant and rarely responds to emails."

Rental Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Used to be a great and fun place to work. The culture is not as good before. New management has taken over. The hardest part of the job is the workload."

Rental Agent (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for national car rents over all. The hours were long and hard at times. But you never had the same day two days in a row. I got to improve the customer service skills and working with other. I was able to learn the computer system with very little problems.I got to see and have hand on skills with vehiclesnever had enough family time. Felt like I was always at the airport"

Lead Counter Agent (Former Employee) says

"I personally enjoyed the work, not so much the company. This particular location is a franchise and the owners are all about the money and not customer service. They weren't too bad to work for on the whole though. The management has no control because of the owners, thus making it hard to run a business smoothly. The owners, like to bring in employees from other countries as to lower their costsawesome customersbad general manager/owner"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"It was a fun job working there. Made a lot of friends and it was very people friendly. They really took care of their customers and cared about employees."

Sales Agent/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"I learned how to talk to a upset customer because we would get them a lot with the management the way it is. Expects one person to do multiple jobs instead of managing others to do...without a pay raise. Not everyone is treat equal which causes the most problems. Pretty much the more responsible you are the more work you are expected to do. This job had a lot of down time and nice employees. I've made a lot of friends here. The majority of the customers are terrible but some are very sweet and kind hearted.Down time everyday. Nice people.Unprofessional. No 401k, Vision, or life insurance"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"not an employee friendly place to work, long hours of waiting, and you are expected to perform too many tasks and still run the counter for customer arrivals. The schedule of arriving flights dictates a lot of your work can use as a second income or good job while attending schoollow wages"

Exit Booth Agent (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at this company overall co workers we're great . Upper management changes a lot . You do work out in the elements. The pay should be better. When I left manager or higher ups didn't seem the same and the feeling of family they talk about seemed to have gone."

customer says

"The staff were friendly and accommodating. The car was in good condition. Overall an enjoyable experience and would definitely recommend to everyone."

Anthony says

"No star is more like it! I made my reservation 3 week in advance to the Christmas Holidays. Yes! I know there are always issues when it comes to the festive season. The fact that there is a reservation that should count for something. Dec 23rd I picked up the vehicle. While doing the check of the vehicle was in bad shape (font and back bumper falling off, trunk would not pop open/ when open could not close because all the plastics and fabric casing is all loose, the car was smelly and the mats were burnt out as though acid had poured on it, the head lamps were loose and the bonnet appeared unlocked, it had scratches and dents all over, all the mud guards were missing except for one). When I asked the despatcher about the damages as it appeared the car had been in an accident and should be removed from the fleet; he assured me it was ok. About 20 mins drive out of Montego Bay; I heard a sound so I stopped and made a call back to Hertz they promise to send a mechanic out. We waited for about 40mins. The Mechanic came and turn steering to the left and to the right then put a tight strap on the left back hub cap and send us on our way. As I did not have confidence in the car; I tried to do very little with it. On the way back to the Airport on Dec 30th; 10mins from Trelawney; the vehicles started showing signs of overheat. We stopped and made a call to Hertz for help. When we finally get help, they had to pick us up and we left the car on the road with the mechanic. On arrival at the airport; the flight was delayed for 1 hour so this was the only reason we made the flight. We could not go to the Hertz to close the transaction on the vehicle that was left on the road. Today is Jan 1st, 2019 and I have not gotten any closure to this situation although I was promised on Dec 30th that a discounted amount receipt will be emailed asap!"

Jepp23 says

"Aaa bbbb ccccc dddddd"

Rayne says

"I didn’t have any issues until they tried to charge me for the car during check in when I had already paid on Expedia. We got that resolved and I found out I had to leave a $500usd Deposit - this is something I should’ve been told in advance but likely I had the $500 to leave. Returned the car and they charged me $252 for it even though we had already said that I paid on Expedia! I won’t be renting a car with this company ever again."

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